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Fruit sandwiches with Nutella

During these hot, summer days our body aches for something light and refreshing, because it seems like every other option is little bit too much for this time of year. So that’s why we decided to give you a recipe for something really sweet and tasty and on the other hand very light. It is not…

American Healthy Snacks- Just go For it

Being dynamic amid the hot summer months can make it hard to stay solid and hydrated. Keeping up an adequate level of supplements, for example, water, sodium, vitamins, and minerals can mean getting the best out of the short hot summer months as opposed to turning out to be sick and missing all the…


A standard recipe for a picnic is sandwich. For most outdoor dishes, a delicious sandwich will be great not only it is portable, but it also gives a well-balanced dish of vegetables, meats, grains and dairy. It will fill your stomach quickly and tastes good. A few ideas are here to give you some new…

ConAgra Green Signals Another Deal

The Ralcorp’s take over by packaged food giant ConAgra Food definitely pissed of its share holders back 2013. The management is still going ahead with Smorgasbord. Jana Partners, an activist investor is going create storm in the board due to this. The company has total market value of $17…

Gluten Free Quinoa & Lentil Salas with Apple

Many people have switched over to a gluten free diet, simply because there are many benefits associated with this diet. While some have health problems being a major reason for switching over to the diet, the fact is, that anybody can eat gluten-free food. Ingredients: • 2 Apples sliced in…

Quick Chilli Garlic Prawns Recipe

If you love sea food, then you can’t say that prawns aren’t your favorite. Here’s a super quick recipe of chili garlic prawns that you can serve fresh within 10 minutes! Ingredients: • 2 tsp. Olive oil • 4 minced garlic • 1 kg. deveined prawns • 2 tbsp. Lemon…

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How Do You Prepare Lemon Butter Chicken?

What do you get when you have chicken breasts, fresh garlic, fresh spinach, paprika, lemon, fresh cracked pepper, and heavy cream? Why, lemon butter chicken, of course! If you plan on cooking something that's quick and easy to do, but also very, then this is the dish for you. Here's how to…

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Turmeric is Not Just a Tasty Spice - It has Medicinal Qualities

Turmeric is not just a tasty spice that’s used in many Asian foods. It is also an effective nutritional supplement. Many studies show that there are many benefits for your body. Studies show that it can affect a wide range of diseases that include dementia, arthritis, and cancer. The spice…

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Trying the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe by Tasty

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Three Different Burger Recipes That Are the Best Ever

Spice up your burgers and transform them from ordinary patties to juicy, beefy patties with the following recipes. Quesadilla Burger Mix ½ tsp. garlic, 1 tsp. chilli powder and 3 chopped jalapeños and 1 egg to 1 lb. ground beef and add a touch of salt and pepper. Shape the mixture into…

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Importance of nutrition in a healthy lifestyle

The advantages of good nourishment are numerous. Other than helping you keep up a solid weight, great nourishment is crucial for the body and every one of its frameworks to capacity ideally for a lifetime. Indeed, the advantages of good nourishment can be found in physical and psychological wellness…